The Bartender, M.D. (mobile device) was designed to help your bartenders and servers make more money (for you and them) by training what’s needed, where needed, when needed. It contains over 70 video clips to help drive your bar business. Available on DVD as well as pre-loaded on a portable video device, the Bartender M.D. contains playlists/chapters on:

  • Bartending techniques
  • Drink basics
  • Garnishes
  • Liquor knowledge
  • Selling
  • Free pouring
  • Over 25 drink recipes
  • Excerpts from the ServSafe Alcohol videos*: Alcohol Law & Your Responsibility, Recognizing/Preventing Intoxication, Checking Identification and Handling Difficult Situations (over a $500 value)

Created as a collaboration between p.o.d.Training (led by author, speaker and restaurant consultant TJ Schier), industry-leader in the beverage marketing category Patrick Henry Creative Promotions and Legacy Productions, a leading restaurant training video production company led by industry veteran Todd Horchner, the Bartender M.D. will help boost your bar business by more effectively and consistently training your staff.

Since responsible alcohol service is a bar's #1 priority, the Bartender M.D.* even includes much of the ServSafe Alcohol DVD series to ensure your team serves alcohol responsibly.

*NOTE: the DVD version does not contain the ServSafe modules. Those modules are only contained on the portable video version

3 Options

M.D. version (mobile device)

Take your training where it needs to be! This version is on a portable video player and includes a TV cable to show to groups on a TV, multiple earbuds, and a protective case. Great to train individuals in the bar, at pre-shift meetings or for bartenders and servers to review prior to the shift. Heck, secure it under the bar and you have a video ‘rolodex’ of many of today’s most popular drinks! Also includes the ServSafe Alcohol clips previously mentioned and the "Now That's Service That Sells" video! Package price w/a pre-loaded 8 GB iPod Nano, TV cable, 10 earbuds, protective case and 1 year of monthly audio and video updates: $399 each.


Already have an device that plays videos and is made by a company named for a fruit and just want the Bartender MD downloads? $199 each – includes one year of monthly audio and video updates!

DVD version

Great to train groups or show at orientation and/or menu training. $99 each. Call for quantity discounts. Does not include the ServSafe video clips.

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